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Product model:汽车内门扣手注塑模

Hongsen is one of the famous China Gas Assistant Injection Mouldmanufacturers and Gas Assistant Injection Mould suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Auto Door Handle Gas Assistant Injection Mould.High quality Auto Door Handle Gas Assistant Injection Mould is to inject high-pressure nitrogen gas directly into the plastic being plasticized in the mold cavity through the main and auxiliary controllers (segment pressure control system), so that the inside of the plastic part expands and causes a hollow, but still maintains the product and The shape is intact.

The improvement of Auto Door Handle Gas Assistant Injection Mould technology has developed from traditional internal gas-assisted injection molding to external gas-assisted injection molding. The traditional internal injection molding system directly injects the gas into the middle of the molten material, while the external injection molding system selects a specific product surface, injects the gas between the mold wall and the molten material, so that the gas is directly pressurized on the cooling plastic surface, reducing the time of plastic cooling. Dissolution streaks and warpage due to hollow cavities.

The product is for door handle system(Türschnalle).

This product use PC+ABS resin.

The mould need has nitrogen blowing system.

Mould construction time is appro. 45days.

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